James Joyce Character Descriptions

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James Joyce - A constant and unchanging man, he was cerebral, imaginative, intense and devoted to his family.

Nora Joyce (Nora Barnacle) - She was a hotel maid who was very witty with a blunt way of approaching the world that enticed her lover and the two traveled together for many years, eventually settling down.

Stanislaus Joyce - He always felt that he was living in his older brother's shadow even though he had many talents of his own.

John Joyce - He was a bon vivant, drinking heavily and having a hard time holding down a job but somehow managed to provide for his family of ten children.

May Joyce - She was a musical and sensitive woman who died relatively young and made many financial sacrifices to satisfy her son's whims.

Harriet Weaver - The editor of an American magazine, this character provided financial and...

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