Objects & Places from James and the Giant Peach

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The Angry Rhinoceros

This escapes from the London zoo in the opening chapter of the novel and eats up James' parents while they are out sightseeing.

The Magic Beans

These are made of crocodile tongues boiled for twenty days with the skull of a dead witch and the eyeball of a lizard.

The Giant Peach

This is what kills James' terrible aunts.

The Sharks

These appear first as thin black shadows in the sea, circling James' new house, threatening to eat the vehicle and its passengers.

The Seagulls

These are what James harnesses to hoist his new house out of the ocean.

The Cloud Men

These make hail stones, but don't like it.

New York City

This is where James and the travelers land after floating across the Ocean from England.

Central Park

This is where James moves his home and memorial after he lands.

The Atlantic Ocean

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