James and the Giant Peach Character Descriptions

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James - This character takes up residence in a giant piece of fruit that he watches grow from magic.

The Spider - This character is very depressed for most of the novel as many of her family members were killed by humans.

Aunt Sponge - This character is very short and fat, with small eyes, a sunken mouth, and a flabby face that looks as though it has been boiled.

Aunt Spiker - This character is very tall and thin, with a screeching voice, thin wet lips, and steel-rimmed glasses that she clips to the end of her bony nose.

The Man with the Magic Beans - This character is a very small, very old man with a huge bald head and big black whiskers who takes pity on a crying boy.

The Grasshopper - This character's body is like a living violin, and that his ears...

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