James and the Giant Peach Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapters 1- 4

• James's parents are killed by an angry rhinoceros that escapes from the zoo, and he is sent to live with his aunts.
• James' aunts are cruel and beat him to get him to work for them. One day James asks to go to the sea and his aunts refuse.
• James is crying in a bush when an old man gives him a bag with magic beans in them. He wants James to cheer up.

Chapters 5 - 8

• James tries to run and hide the beans from his aunts, but he trips over the peach tree root and spills them all over the ground.

• James tries to pick up the beans, but they wriggle out of his hands and into the soil. James wonders what will happen when bugs encounter the magic beans.
• The aunts come to yell at James for running off when they notice a peach...

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