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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Mary decide to go after leaving the vicar's house?
(a) Kilmar.
(b) Trewartha Marsh.
(c) North Hill.
(d) Launceston.

2. Who tries to buy the high-bred pony from Jem?
(a) Mrs. Bassat.
(b) Mr. Davey.
(c) The squire.
(d) The mayor.

3. Where does Mary think she can stay until she saves up some money?
(a) With cousins.
(b) At a workhouse.
(c) With friends.
(d) At a convent.

4. Whom does Mr. Davey say Jem will discover is the killer?
(a) Mrs. Besset.
(b) Harry.
(c) Squire Besset.
(d) Mr. Davey.

5. What does Mary beg Jem to do in Chapter 13?
(a) Tell Mr. Davey where Joss plans to go.
(b) Set Joss's horse loose.
(c) Turn Joss over to the authorities.
(d) Let her take care of Joss.

6. Whom does Mr. Davey say Jem has gone to interview?
(a) A furrier.
(b) A blacksmith.
(c) A butcher.
(d) An apothecary.

7. Why do the thieves burn the cart?
(a) To dispose of the dead bodies.
(b) To hide their trail.
(c) To send a signal.
(d) To keep warm.

8. In Chapter 12, what does Joss say he shouldn't have done?
(a) Killed his friends.
(b) Angered Jem.
(c) Wrecked the ship on his own.
(d) Dragged Mary to the beach.

9. How do Joss and his friends kill the carriage driver?
(a) The strike him on the head.
(b) They shoot him.
(c) They cause him to have a heart attack.
(d) They strangle him.

10. What alerts Mary to someone being outside in Chapter 13?
(a) A dog barks.
(b) She hears leaves rustling.
(c) Something hits her window.
(d) She hears her name being called.

11. What is the weather like as Mary is walking?
(a) Rainy.
(b) Snowy.
(c) Stifling.
(d) Clear.

12. What does Mrs. Bassat provide for Mary in Chapter 14?
(a) A hot meal.
(b) A carriage.
(c) A pound coin.
(d) A letter of reference.

13. What is the purpose of the signal light Mary finds?
(a) To keep ships away.
(b) To draw ships onto the rocks.
(c) To communicate with another band of thieves.
(d) To illuminate Joss' maps and charts.

14. Who arrives at the end of Chapter 15?
(a) The vicar's housekeeper.
(b) Mr. Davey.
(c) Mrs. Bessat.
(d) Jem.

15. Where does Mary go to look for help after Jem disappears?
(a) To a house.
(b) The saloon.
(c) The vicarage.
(d) To the blacksmith's.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 13, what does Mary convince Joss to let them do in the afternoon?

2. Why does Mary feel the need to quickly return home in Chapter 14?

3. According to Mrs. Bassat, what is Squire Bassat on his way to do?

4. What does Mary lose hope of doing in Chapter 14?

5. Who does Mary intend to tell about Joss's latest activities?

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