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Short Answer Questions

1. Mary Kathleen takes Starbuck to her cavern under ________.

2. Leen believes Mrs. Graham is there in disguise _________.

3. What is the only thing Mary Kathleen remembers about Starbuck?

4. What was the weather like the night Sacco and Vanzetti were executed?

5. What is the fate of RAMJAC?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why should Starbuck have gone to the police in Chapter 11?

2. Why are Starbuck, Clewes, Edel, and Ubriaco "saints" to Mary Kathleen?

3. Does Clewes accept Starbuck's apology? What is his response?

4. What is rain supposed to symbolize in the Epilogue?

5. How does Starbuck view his role in the universe?

6. Does Mary Kathleen believe people are good? Why or why not?

7. Why does Starbuck give the paramedics Mary Kathleen's maiden name?

8. What did Starbuck's life with Ruth embody?

9. Why doesn't Mary Kathleen remember the bad things of Starbuck's life?

10. Why does Starbuck cry when he sees Mary Kathleen?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Starbuck's soul is a frequent topic of discussion. Does Starbuck have a soul? If he does, what is its condition? As Mary Kathleen dies, she recognizes his lack of a soul and offers him some consolation. Discuss Starbuck's soul and morality in the context of himself and his surroundings.

Essay Topic 2

A majority of Starbuck's story in "Jailbird" is reflection on the past and how he came to be as he is in the present. Discuss Starbuck's retrospective point of view with him and his reality.

Essay Topic 3

Interconnection is a prominent theme of "Jailbird." Discuss how Vonnegut connects characters and elements, what the purpose is, and the statement being made.

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