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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the harp salesman calculating doing as he talks to Starbuck?

2. Why is the harp salesman upset with Mary Kathleen?

3. At the party, Starbuck feels _______.

4. Going to a diner, Starbuck is afraid that __________.

5. Clewes is now a _______ salesman.

Short Essay Questions

1. To Mary Kathleen, why does Starbuck have a good heart?

2. How does Leen feel about Mrs. Graham? How can you tell?

3. Why are Starbuck, Clewes, Edel, and Ubriaco "saints" to Mary Kathleen?

4. How does Leen mistake Starbuck for Mrs. Graham?

5. Have Mary Kathleen, Clewes, and Starbuck moved past their ugly past?

6. Were Mary Kathleen's dying wishes granted? How so?

7. How is Vonnegut invoking the senses of Starbuck's experience in his writing?

8. Why are Starbuck's reunions with Mary Kathleen and Clewes a climax of "Jailbird"?

9. As far as Starbuck knows, why are he and the other "saints" at Leen's apartment?

10. Why does Starbuck cry when he sees Mary Kathleen?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Interconnection is a prominent theme of "Jailbird." Discuss how Vonnegut connects characters and elements, what the purpose is, and the statement being made.

Essay Topic 2

Mary Kathleen O'Looney and Mrs. Jack Graham, as the same person, illustrate both the socialist and capitalist. Discuss the dual nature of Mary Kathleen and how she embodies and reflects the tension.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss what Ruth embodies for Starbuck. How does she affect Starbuck's experiences after her death? What is her overall purpose in "Jailbird"?

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