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Short Answer Questions

1. What was Vonnegut's relationship with Powers Hapgood?

2. Whose name is the limo driver's a variation of?

3. Looking in the mirror in his new suit, Starbuck observes that he looks _____.

4. In New York, Starbuck stays at the "once ________ Hotel Arapahoe."

5. Where does Starbuck's suit look like it came from?

Short Essay Questions

1. Is Starbuck's release from prison entering the new or returning to the old?

2. How did Starbuck become involved in the Watergate Scandal?

3. How prevalent is "identity" in the Prologue? Why and how is it used?

4. What ruins Sarah's and Starbuck's date? Why does she insist they leave?

5. Upon being released from prison, why does Starbuck stay at the Hotel Arapahoe?

6. Why does the red ribbon on Starbuck's suit cause trouble?

7. Why is Starbuck a socialist?

8. What are the degrees of separation between Sarah Wyatt and Mary Kathleen O'Looney in Chapter 9?

9. How is the theme of interconnection displayed through Starbuck's narrative voice?

10. What is the significance of "Kilgore Trout" being a pseudonym?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss madness and psychosis in "Jailbird." How do people develop instability? How it is handled? What is Vonnegut's purpose for using psychosis in the larger narrative ?

Essay Topic 2

Interconnection is a prominent theme of "Jailbird." Discuss how Vonnegut connects characters and elements, what the purpose is, and the statement being made.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss how memory affects characters. Include the significance one's memories have on the individual and the individual's actions. How do the memories of one individual affect others?

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