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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why doesn't Mary Kathleen want to live anymore?
(a) She's bored with the world.
(b) She's in too much pain.
(c) She can't trust anyone.
(d) She has too many bad memories.

2. What name is Mary Kathleen buried under?
(a) Graham.
(b) Her grave is unmarked.
(c) O'Looney.
(d) Starbuck.

3. Starbuck thinks fifty year old harps belong in a ______ or a museum.
(a) House.
(b) Dump.
(c) Store.
(d) Band.

4. Going to a diner, Starbuck is afraid that __________.
(a) The food will be bad.
(b) Everyone will know about his past.
(c) He won't know anyone.
(d) He won't be able to afford the bill.

5. Why does Leen kiss Starbuck's hand?
(a) He adores Mrs. Graham.
(b) He was sleep walking.
(c) He was told to.
(d) He has something on his hand.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Leen wait on Starbuck so diligently?

2. What party is being thrown in the Epilogue?

3. All of Starbuck's fresh-from-prison friends arrived with __________.

4. Starbuck describes his office in the Nixon White House as a __________ cell.

5. The beginning of Chapter 16 brings what revelation?

Short Essay Questions

1. How far has Leland Clewes come since Starbuck last saw him?

2. How does Leen feel about Mrs. Graham? How can you tell?

3. What is rain supposed to symbolize in the Epilogue?

4. How does Starbuck view his role in the universe?

5. To Mary Kathleen, why does Starbuck have a good heart?

6. How is Vonnegut invoking the senses of Starbuck's experience in his writing?

7. Does Clewes accept Starbuck's apology? What is his response?

8. Why does the harp salesman want to call the police on Starbuck?

9. Is Starbuck's son actually the monster Starbuck claims him to be? Explain.

10. Why does Starbuck face more jail time after Mary Kathleen's death?

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