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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why was Clewes sent to prison?
(a) He robbed a bank.
(b) He was a Communist.
(c) He killed someone.
(d) He sold government secrets.

2. Kenneth Whistler was a popular _________.
(a) Labor unionist.
(b) Fire fighter.
(c) Actor.
(d) Writer.

3. In college, how did Clewes betray Starbuck?
(a) He stole a girl from him.
(b) He got him expelled.
(c) He stole his journal.
(d) He stole money from him.

4. What does the maitre de at the Arapahoe wear on his lapel?
(a) A photo.
(b) A microphone.
(c) A red ribbon.
(d) A name tag.

5. What were the repercussions for Starbuck's involvement in Watergate?
(a) His wife left him.
(b) He lost all his friends.
(c) A fine.
(d) Prison time.

Short Answer Questions

1. A Frenchman at the airport is angry because of the ________ on Starbuck's suit.

2. Why was Ruth reserved about relationships?

3. What is the last, ironic word of Chapter 6?

4. Before going to prison, what was Clewes destined to become?

5. How did the factory workers for the Wyatt family become poisoned?

Short Essay Questions

1. Is Starbuck's release from prison entering the new or returning to the old?

2. Why is Clewes not the prominent political figure he was on his way to becoming?

3. How is Fender's story of Vicuna a metaphor?

4. What do we learn about Starbuck by his attitude towards the red ribbon?

5. How did Starbuck come to be a millionaire? Why isn't he anymore?

6. What are the degrees of separation between Sarah Wyatt and Mary Kathleen O'Looney in Chapter 9?

7. What is the significance of "Kilgore Trout" being a pseudonym?

8. How did Starbuck meet his wife, Ruth? Why was the beginning of their relationship rocky?

9. After receiving the fan letter, why did Vonnegut feel he didn't need to write this or other books?

10. Is an event's existence or its meaning more important to Starbuck? How?

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