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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mr. Arpad Leen is described as ______.
(a) Lazy.
(b) Outgoing.
(c) Reserved.
(d) Selfish.

2. Saying Trout is on the "outside" means what?
(a) He doesn't have any friends.
(b) He's in hiding.
(c) He's homeless.
(d) He's no longer a convict.

3. Why is Fender, Starbuck's friend, in prison?
(a) Vandalism.
(b) Theft.
(c) Treason.
(d) Murder.

4. About children, Ruth prophesied, "If I had one, it would be a _______."
(a) Genius.
(b) Daughter.
(c) Son.
(d) Monster.

5. What prompts Starbuck to remember Sarah Wyatt?
(a) Taking the limo.
(b) Staying in New York.
(c) A woman in the lobby.
(d) The streets at night.

Short Answer Questions

1. The people of Vicuna have the capacity to do what?

2. What is Starbuck's relationship with his prison guard?

3. Before going to prison, what was Clewes destined to become?

4. What did Starbuck's son change his name to?

5. What is the last, ironic word of Chapter 6?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Starbuck agree to be McCone's protégé?

2. How did Starbuck meet his wife, Ruth? Why was the beginning of their relationship rocky?

3. What does the arrival of the famous prisoner tie together?

4. How is "a rich man's trash can" a symbol for Starbuck?

5. How is Fender's story of Vicuna a metaphor?

6. What effect do Starbuck's relationships have on him? What is he relationship with himself?

7. With Sarah, is Starbuck loving or courteous?

8. What does Starbuck's release from prison mark?

9. Is Starbuck's release from prison entering the new or returning to the old?

10. Is "The Sermon on the Mount" a reasonable defense for Sacco and Vanzetti? Why or why not?

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