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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For whom did Hapgood crusade?
(a) The disadvantaged.
(b) Animals.
(c) The elderly.
(d) Veterans.

2. A Frenchman at the airport is angry because of the ________ on Starbuck's suit.
(a) Name tag.
(b) Patch.
(c) Red ribbon.
(d) Dirt.

3. When Starbuck met Ruth, what was she?
(a) A war veteran.
(b) A former model.
(c) A waitress.
(d) A concentration camp refugee.

4. What is the last, ironic word of Chapter 6?
(a) "Great."
(b) "Curious."
(c) "Peace."
(d) "Love."

5. Starbuck says he became involved in Watergate ________.
(a) Strategically.
(b) Peripherally.
(c) Innocently.
(d) Intentionally.

6. How does Starbuck describe his son?
(a) A prolific writer.
(b) A great athlete.
(c) An unpleasant person.
(d) A short idiot.

7. What would have happened if Vonnegut had received the letter a few years earlier?
(a) He wouldn't have written his books.
(b) He would have written back.
(c) He would have chosen a different career.
(d) He would have had children.

8. What started the Cuyahoga Massacre?
(a) A conflict between factory workers and bosses.
(b) A false accusation.
(c) A long time political battle.
(d) A sibling rivalry.

9. How did Starbuck meet Emil Larkin?
(a) He was a co-conspirator in Watergate.
(b) He was Ruth's brother.
(c) He was Starbuck's old therapist.
(d) He was a friend in college.

10. What did McCone offer Starbuck?
(a) Status.
(b) A car and a house.
(c) Money.
(d) A place at Harvard.

11. What does the limo driver wear on his uniform?
(a) A woman's pin.
(b) The RAMJAC logo.
(c) A red ribbon.
(d) A name tag.

12. Why did Starbuck originally stay at the Hotel Arapahoe?
(a) It was inexpensive.
(b) It was very famous.
(c) Sarah Wyatt wanted to.
(d) McCone told him to.

13. What does the letter Vonnegut receives summarize?
(a) The idea of his life's work.
(b) The idea of classics.
(c) His life.
(d) The problem with America.

14. Why was Sarah furious with Starbuck?
(a) He lied to her.
(b) He was trying to impress her.
(c) He had bad intentions.
(d) He made fun of her dress.

15. How did the factory workers for the Wyatt family become poisoned?
(a) From the nuclear plant.
(b) From a gas leak.
(c) From the mold.
(d) From the paint they used.

Short Answer Questions

1. Starbuck is narrating from _______ after his release.

2. Whom does Starbuck lavishly tip in front of Sarah?

3. Why aren't Clewes and Starbuck friends anymore?

4. What is significant about Trout's name?

5. What was Starbuck's relationship with Alexander Hamilton McCone?

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