Objects & Places from Jailbird

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The Cuyahoga Massacre - This event foreshadows tension between socialism and communism and was the life-shaping event in McCone's life.

Harvard University - This location is where Clewes and Starbuck became friends.

The Sermon on the Mount - This reference is used as a source of inspiration for those who fight, legally or otherwise, for the rights of the downtrodden worker.

The RAMJAC Corporation - This object is used as the pinnacle of capitalism in "Jailbird."

Nuremberg - This location is where Nazi leaders were placed on trial for war crimes following the end of World War II.

Finletter Prison - This location is near a noisy air force base where the novel begins.

The Planet Vicuna - This location is the home of the characters in Fender's metaphorical story.

The Legion of Honor Ribbon - This object is what sparks a confrontation between Starbuck and a...

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