Objects & Places from Jailbird

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The Cuyahoga Massacre

This event foreshadows tension between socialism and communism and was the life-shaping event in McCone's life.

Harvard University

This location is where Clewes and Starbuck became friends.

The Sermon on the Mount

This reference is used as a source of inspiration for those who fight, legally or otherwise, for the rights of the downtrodden worker.

The RAMJAC Corporation

This object is used as the pinnacle of capitalism in "Jailbird."


This location is where Nazi leaders were placed on trial for war crimes following the end of World War II.

Finletter Prison

This location is near a noisy air force base where the novel begins.

The Planet Vicuna

This location is the home of the characters in Fender's metaphorical story.

The Legion of Honor Ribbon

This object is what sparks a confrontation between Starbuck and a Frenchman in the airport.

The Arapahoe Hotel

This location...

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