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Lesson 1 (from Prologue)



The Prologue introduces the reader to Walter Starbuck, the protagonist. Vonnegut begins to initiate the character's complexity. This lesson discusses Walter Starbuck in the Prologue.


1) Data Collection: Ask the students to choose adjectives that describe Walter Starbuck based on the information given in the Prologue.

2) Groups: Split the class into several groups. Ask each to choose several adjectives discussed in the "Data Collection" task and discuss how these adjectives describe the complex (and, possibly, conflicted nature) of Starbuck.

3) Class Discussion What is unique about the narrative style here? So far, what things are significant to Starbuck? Why do you think Vonnegut has chosen the elements he has for the Prologue? Is anything being foretold here? What are the things that influence Starbuck?


1) In preparation for the next lesson, write a page on your meditations of "Love may fail, but courtesy will prevail."

2) Do...

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