Jailbird Character Descriptions

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Walter Starbuck - This character is roughly eighty years old and recently released from prison after being involved in the Watergate scandal.

Ruth Starbuck - This character is a Holocaust survivor who dies from obesity.

Mary Kathleen O'Looney - This character is the head of RAMJAC and a crazy, homeless communist.

Sarah Wyatt - This character was once aristocratic, impoverished, sexually frigid, and proper.

Leland Clewes - This character was betrayed by their friend and accused of being a communist and sent to prison.

Alexander Hamilton McCone - This character is a symbolic representation of the entire capitalist system. The character is wealthy, exploitative, manipulative, demanding, petulant, and judgmental.

Sacco and Vanzetti - These characters were Italian immigrant workers falsely arrested, tried, and executed for murder.

Richard Nixon - This character is a historical person famous for lying and cheating.

Emil Larkin - This character is a...

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