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Chapter Abstracts

Rass Island

* The narrator describes the Chesapeake Bay and Rass Island, which will be a major backdrop for this story.

* The Bradshaws have lived on Rass Island for over two hundred years.

* The narrator says that neither she or her sister will remain on the island. Her mother is the last Bradshaw to stay on Rass Island.

Chapter 1

* Louise is thirteen and Call is fourteen. They work together to catch crabs to sell to Otis. Neither of them have very many other friends.

* Call's father is dead, and he is a pudgy boy who has no sense of humor and never understands jokes because he takes them literally.

* They talk about Mr. Rice, a teacher at the school, who most of the girls in town are in love with because he is single.

* Louise comes home in overalls to find her very feminine sister who plans to write...

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