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Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Mary Britten supposedly own a “commodious gentlemen’s residence,” according to Jack’s letter in Chapter 58?

2. Henry meets with Mr. Butler and his lawyer in a subaltern of what regiment in Chapter 79?

3. For how long is Tobias to be gone in Gloucester, according to Mary in Chapter 64?

4. How long does Mary tell Elizabeth that she’s known about her condition in Chapter 86?

5. A bailiff with muddy boots brings Tobias three promissory notes signed by whom in Chapter 50?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where have Tobias and Jack arrived in the beginning of Chapter 81? What is their objective at this setting?

2. How does Jack describe the punishment he and Sophina received from Ma Britten in Chapter 65?

3. What occurrences have shaped the prospects of Tobias Oates in Chapter 61?

4. How has Tobias gone about securing money to cover his debts in Chapters 56 and 57?

5. What takes place in Tobias’s house in Chapter 82? Where does Jack go when he leaves?

6. How do Jack and Tobias escape Gloucester in Chapter 70? What dangers do they face?

7. Where are Jack and Tobias going in Chapters 62-63? What exchange of secrets takes place on the journey?

8. What physical conflict takes place in the climax of the novel in Chapters 88 and 89?

9. Who appears to meet with Henry in Chapter 73? Why?

10. In Jack’s recollections from his childhood, how does he describe the altercation that took place between Ma Britten, himself, and Sophina in Chapter 60?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the reactions of Percy Butler, Tobias Oates, Elizabeth Warriner, and Mary Oates to the first hypnosis of Jack Maggs. What is discovered about Jack’s history through the hypnosis? What do these characters decide to do about Jack Maggs? Why?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the history of Franz Mesmer, mesmerism, Animal Magnetism, and Charles Dickens’s associations with mesmerism and Animal Magnetism. What works did Dickens write which addressed these practices? What were his opinions on their validity? How are these concepts portrayed in Jack Maggs?

Essay Topic 3

Analyze and discuss the character of Edward Constable in the narrative. How old is Constable? What new information has the reader learned about Constable’s history with Henry Phipps in Chapters 46-48? Why does Constable refrain from telling Jack this information?

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