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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Six, Nobody is Safe Anymore—Nobody, Chapters 102-115.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens while Cross and his partner are chasing their suspect on one side of town?
(a) Cross loses a shoe.
(b) A killer ransacks Cross' house.
(c) The department is planning to fire them.
(d) The real killer makes another attempt across town.

2. Why is Cross fascinated with the Truth School principal?
(a) She wears lots of jewelry.
(b) She does not like children.
(c) She is 20 years younger than he is.
(d) She's out of place in the poor community.

3. To which group does Jack's old friend belong?
(a) Mensa.
(b) Sigma Phi Kappa fraternity.
(c) The Masonic Lodge.
(d) The Jack and Jill task force.

4. How is a person communicating specific information about the Truth School killings?
(a) On the Prodigy message board.
(b) On a social media site like MySpace or Facebook.
(c) On fliers distributed in the school's neighborhood.
(d) On fliers distributed at the school.

5. Why is there concern when the President sneaks out of the White House?
(a) Because of the high profile murders in the area.
(b) Because his wife might find out.
(c) Because the media will ruin his career.
(d) Because he breached White House security.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is killed at the Kennedy Center?

2. What does Cross listen to after the President gets the phone call that dodges White House security ?

3. What is the real name of the character who actively fulfills the role of Jill in the murders?

4. Who kills high profile celebrities in this book?

5. While Cross' investigation of the Jack and Jill killings heats up, who investigates the school killings?

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