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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Four, A-Hunting We Will Go, Chapters 63-76.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which nearby school does an investigator visit to see if any teachers witnessed anything unusual around the time of the Truth School killings?
(a) Truth Sojourner School.
(b) Georgetown School of Performing Arts.
(c) Theodore Roosevelt Military Academy.
(d) George Washington School of Arts.

2. What happens when the suspect chased by Cross and his partner tries to escape when they have him cornered?
(a) He is trampled in a crowd.
(b) He crashes through the window and dies.
(c) He falls and dies.
(d) He impales himself on the fence and dies.

3. What words best describe Cross' feelings about the Jack and Jill murders?
(a) Hurried and unprofessional.
(b) Passionate and planned.
(c) Whimsical and flighty.
(d) Cold and calculated.

4. Who has always been first on the scene of the Jack and Jill murders?
(a) The principal.
(b) The President.
(c) Cross.
(d) Jay Grayer.

5. What does the President forbid Cross to do?
(a) Sleep in the Lincoln bedroom.
(b) Come into the Oval Office.
(c) Put his enemies under surveillance.
(d) Speak without an appointment.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which child awakens Cross in Chapter 15?

2. How is the little girl's killer dressed when he murders her?

3. Who searches the crime scene where Natalie Sheehan was killed?

4. Which police department employs Cross?

5. Who videotapes the murder of Jack and Jill's first victim?

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