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A male-female murder team leaves these behind at the scene of their crimes to taunt police.

Video Tape

Law enforcement agents use this to positively identify the male murder partner.

Reinforced Baseball Bat

This item is used by the Truth School killer to murder his tiny victims.


This is what Cross utilizes when he is stressed about a case.

Jefferson Hotel/The Natalie Sheehan Crime Scene

Cross gets into a fight with the chief of detectives at this location.

Rosie the Cat

This item was sent to remind Cross how vulnerable he and his family are.

Madison Square Garden

A bomb detonated at this location assassinates the President.

The Cross Home

Sampson scares a killer away from this location.

The Sterling Home

Cross arrests Jeanne at this lavish location.

The Waldorf-Astoria

The President stays at this hotel while in New York to make a speech.

The Sojourner Truth School

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