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Lesson 1 (from Prologue, The Game Begins)


Jack and Jill is the third installment of author James Patterson's very popular Alex Cross novels. The series features a detective who, with his knowledge of psychology of the criminal mind, has the upper hand in breaking tough cases. Patterson has enjoyed writing success with this series and others, as well as stand alone novels, since the 1990s. Today, students will study the author -- learning about this book, how it fits into Patterson's other works, and what inspires the author.


1) Small group activity: Break the class into groups of three or four, creating enough groups to research these topics: the author's family life, the author's educational background, the author's work history, the author's writing successes. Each group prepares its information to present to the class for discussion. Each group should make a handout for their classmates from the information they compile.

2) Class discussion: Discuss...

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