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Victor Klemperer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In 1939, what is issued to the Jews?
(a) Special 'Jew' identity cards.
(b) The dates on which they must move to the nearest ghetto.
(c) Rationing cards.
(d) Special 'Jew' armbands.

2. What happens to Victor's sister, Grete, after she suffers a mental collapse and a heart attack?
(a) She is placed in a sanatorium.
(b) She is placed in a nursing home.
(c) She is sent to Buchenwald and put to death.
(d) She is sent to the hospital.

3. As bombardment in western Germany becomes more fierce, refugees from that region begin to move:
(a) North.
(b) East.
(c) West.
(d) South.

4. Which concentration camp does Victor report hearing rumors of?
(a) Buchenwald.
(b) Mauthausen.
(c) Bergen-Belsen.
(d) Auschwitz.

5. By the middle of 1937, Victor and Eva are taking long country drives for what purpose?
(a) Pleasure.
(b) To search for retail items.
(c) To discuss escape plans.
(d) To see relatives.

6. What dominates much of Victor's diary entries for 1939?
(a) War with England.
(b) War with Poland.
(c) War with France.
(d) War with Russia.

7. What is the purpose of the yellow sign that the government puts on Klemperer's fence corners?
(a) It announces that the property belongs to a mixed-race couple.
(b) It announces that the property belongs to a Jew.
(c) It announces that the property is under construction.
(d) It announces that the property is for sale.

8. How do the Klemperers mitigate maintenance costs?
(a) Eva serves as an amateur mechanic.
(b) The Klemperers neglect all but the most major mechanical needs.
(c) Victor serves as an amateur mechanic.
(d) The Klemperers' neighbor, who is a mechanic, does most of the work on their car.

9. What does Klemperer expect in the wake of the assassination attempt that does not seem to materialize?
(a) Forced relocation to ghettos.
(b) Immediate anti-Semitic reprisals.
(c) Additional anti-Jew laws.
(d) Deportation to concentration camps.

10. As Klemperer reads accounts of France and England's negotiations and compromises with Germany, he is especially disgusted with _____________'s compliant negotiations.
(a) Chamberlain's.
(b) DeGaulle's.
(c) Churchill's.
(d) Roosevelt's.

11. By 1940, war _________ commonplace.
(a) Profiteering is.
(b) Talk is.
(c) Crimes are.
(d) Related viruses are.

12. Bombings occur in the West, then in Berlin, and then occasionally in:
(a) Heidelburg.
(b) Dresden.
(c) Dusseldorf.
(d) Munich.

13. In October 1938, when Victor becomes ill, why can't he obtain medical attention?
(a) Because he is a Jew.
(b) Because he is in a mixed-race marriage.
(c) Because he has no insurance.
(d) Because he has no money.

14. In addition to continuing dental problems, what health problem does Eva suffer from during 1937?
(a) Ulcers.
(b) Cancer.
(c) Endometriosis.
(d) Nervousness.

15. During 1940, so-called mixed-race Jews, who were previously allowed in the military, are:
(a) Excluded and treated as Jews.
(b) Sent to the ghettos.
(c) Granted amnesty and given non-Jewish surnames.
(d) Sent to the concentration camps.

Short Answer Questions

1. In his entries of 1939, Victor Klemperer spends some time pondering the relationship between Jews and:

2. Some bombings are particularly devastating to Berlin and:

3. Who accompanies the Klemperers to Berlin?

4. In 1938, Germany annexes __________ in a non-violent political victory known today as the Anschluss.

5. When Klemperer applies to the American Consulate in Berlin, what number is he given when he is assigned to the immigrant waiting list?

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