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Victor Klemperer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Klemperer expect in the wake of the assassination attempt that does not seem to materialize?
(a) Additional anti-Jew laws.
(b) Forced relocation to ghettos.
(c) Immediate anti-Semitic reprisals.
(d) Deportation to concentration camps.

2. Why does Klemperer speculate and report rumor and innuendo instead of actual news?
(a) Jews aren't allowed to listen to the radio.
(b) He doesn't trust the official news media.
(c) There is a nationwide news blackout.
(d) Jews aren't allowed to read the newspapers.

3. What makes food and commercial items increasingly difficult to obtain as 1939 progresses?
(a) The Russian embargo.
(b) The Swedish embargo.
(c) The American blockade.
(d) The English blockade.

4. In 1937, on which book does Klemperer continue to work?
(a) I Shall Bear Witness.
(b) Fatherland.
(c) The Eighteenth Century.
(d) LTI.

5. In what month of 1940 does Klemperer send his stamp collection and important papers to his friend Annemarie for safeguarding?
(a) March.
(b) May.
(c) April.
(d) December.

6. How do the Klemperers mitigate maintenance costs?
(a) The Klemperers' neighbor, who is a mechanic, does most of the work on their car.
(b) Victor serves as an amateur mechanic.
(c) Eva serves as an amateur mechanic.
(d) The Klemperers neglect all but the most major mechanical needs.

7. What other means of saving money does Victor consider but ultimately discard as unworkable?
(a) Stopping drinking.
(b) Cancelling his newspaper subscription.
(c) Stopping smoking.
(d) Giving up coffee.

8. Jewish bank accounts are _____________ and ready cash is seized.
(a) Listed in the official party newspaper.
(b) Frozen.
(c) Signed over to the Palestinian government.
(d) Divided among heirs.

9. While in Berlin, Klemperer learns that anti-government elements frequently copy thousands of subversive or censored handbills _______________ and distribute them secretly.
(a) By hand.
(b) In the United States.
(c) On underground printing presses.
(d) At printing companies in neutral countries.

10. Which of the following countries is NOT one of those the Nazis first occupy in 1940?
(a) Denmark.
(b) Norway.
(c) Poland.
(d) Belgium.

11. Whose fascist regime does Nazi Germany begin to support in 1937?
(a) Tito.
(b) Franco.
(c) Vichy.
(d) Mussolini.

12. In 1938, Germany annexes __________ in a non-violent political victory known today as the Anschluss.
(a) The Sudetenland.
(b) Pomerania.
(c) Poland.
(d) Austria.

13. How many times does Georg send the Klemperers money in 1938?
(a) One.
(b) Six.
(c) Four.
(d) Three.

14. Where are the Klemperers told they will have to live after their house is rented?
(a) The Dölzchen ghetto.
(b) The Berlin ghetto.
(c) The Dresden ghetto.
(d) Their old apartment in Dresden.

15. What does nearly every Jew remaining in Germany, including the Klemperers, try to do in response to the rumors of ghettos?
(a) Join the resistance.
(b) Hide in neighbors' attics and basements.
(c) Kill themselves.
(d) Emigrate.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which local German official begins a program of harassment against the Jews that results in fines levied against the Klemperers for things such as weeds in their yard?

2. What happens to Victor's sister, Grete, after she suffers a mental collapse and a heart attack?

3. What U.S. town does Betty emigrate to?

4. What does Victor begin doing with his personal items?

5. In late 1937, Hjalmar Schacht retires as the minister of ____________.

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