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Victor Klemperer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Bombings occur in the West, then in Berlin, and then occasionally in:
(a) Dusseldorf.
(b) Dresden.
(c) Heidelburg.
(d) Munich.

2. In 1937, on which book does Klemperer continue to work?
(a) Fatherland.
(b) I Shall Bear Witness.
(c) The Eighteenth Century.
(d) LTI.

3. In 1938, Germany annexes __________ in a non-violent political victory known today as the Anschluss.
(a) The Sudetenland.
(b) Pomerania.
(c) Poland.
(d) Austria.

4. What does Klemperer expect in the wake of the assassination attempt that does not seem to materialize?
(a) Additional anti-Jew laws.
(b) Immediate anti-Semitic reprisals.
(c) Deportation to concentration camps.
(d) Forced relocation to ghettos.

5. One of Victor's entries makes note of the establishment of which automaker's factory?
(a) Volkswagen.
(b) General Motors.
(c) Skoda.
(d) Opel.

6. Most of the Jews in the ghetto consider an amphibious landing in England:
(a) Absolutely possible.
(b) The only way to end the war.
(c) Completely impossible.
(d) A huge risk, but worth the attempt.

7. In November 1939, an unsuccessful attempt is made to assassinate:
(a) Himmler.
(b) Rommel.
(c) Hitler.
(d) Göring.

8. The Nazis call the invasion of which country off?
(a) Spain.
(b) England.
(c) Poland.
(d) The United States.

9. What is the purpose of the offices of "science" that the Nazi government establishes?
(a) To help Germans better achieve economic domination.
(b) To develop an atomic weapon.
(c) To explain racial inferiority as a natural law.
(d) To develop better propaganda and indoctrination methods.

10. Which group does Klemperer say is the object of virulent Nazi messages in 1937?
(a) Catholics.
(b) Protestants.
(c) Gypsies.
(d) Jews.

11. Which concentration camp does Victor report hearing rumors of?
(a) Bergen-Belsen.
(b) Mauthausen.
(c) Auschwitz.
(d) Buchenwald.

12. In October 1938, when Victor becomes ill, why can't he obtain medical attention?
(a) Because he is in a mixed-race marriage.
(b) Because he has no money.
(c) Because he is a Jew.
(d) Because he has no insurance.

13. How many times does Georg send the Klemperers money in 1938?
(a) Three.
(b) Six.
(c) Four.
(d) One.

14. What happens to Victor's sister, Grete, after she suffers a mental collapse and a heart attack?
(a) She is placed in a sanatorium.
(b) She is sent to Buchenwald and put to death.
(c) She is placed in a nursing home.
(d) She is sent to the hospital.

15. Whose fascist regime does Nazi Germany begin to support in 1937?
(a) Vichy.
(b) Franco.
(c) Mussolini.
(d) Tito.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of Victor's relatives dies in October 1937?

2. As bombardment in western Germany becomes more fierce, refugees from that region begin to move:

3. When the Klemperers take their second eight-day automobile vacation later in 1937 where do they go?

4. In what month of 1940 does Klemperer send his stamp collection and important papers to his friend Annemarie for safeguarding?

5. In his entries of 1938, what health problem does Victor fret about?

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