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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of Cedric's estate?
(a) Goodramgate.
(b) Hexham.
(c) Knavesmire.
(d) Rotherwood.

2. What does Front-de-Boeuf demand from Isaac?
(a) One thousand silver pounds.
(b) Rebecca's hand in marriage.
(c) Isaac's land.
(d) That Isaac kill Cedric.

3. What does Cedric insist when Isaac of York comes in?
(a) That he not speak to the Normans.
(b) That he pay for the privilege of staying at the castle.
(c) That he sit at a separate table.
(d) That he be given extra bread.

4. What is the name of Front-de-Boeuf's castle?
(a) Templestow.
(b) Lindisfarne.
(c) Rotherwood.
(d) Torquilstone.

5. What do the robbers intend to do with the money they steal?
(a) Use it to pay a ransom.
(b) Give it to Prince John.
(c) Buy alcohol.
(d) Give it to the poor.

6. What is Cedric's son named?
(a) Ulric.
(b) Isaac.
(c) Ivanhoe.
(d) Gurth.

7. Where is Isaac imprisoned at the castle?
(a) In an apartment.
(b) In the tower.
(c) In the dungeon.
(d) In the chapel.

8. What type of work does Gurth do?
(a) Almoner.
(b) Tanner.
(c) Falconer.
(d) Swineherder

9. What does the mysterious knight refuse to do until he is given his prize?
(a) Battle again.
(b) Raise his visor.
(c) Dismount his horse.
(d) Bow to the prince.

10. Who does Prince John ask to toast a worthy Norman?
(a) Lady Rowena.
(b) The Palmer.
(c) Cedric.
(d) De Bracy.

11. Who has Isaac been deserted by in Chapter 19?
(a) His daughter.
(b) His business partners.
(c) His bodyguards.
(d) His scullions.

12. How does Front-de-Boeuf threaten to torture Isaac?
(a) By burying him alive.
(b) By placing him on iron bars over a fire.
(c) By hanging him out the tower window.
(d) By piercing his skin with needles.

13. Who is the author of Ivanhoe?
(a) Sir Walter Scott.
(b) D.H. Lawrence.
(c) Daniel Defoe.
(d) Arthur Conan Doyle.

14. Who does Front-de-Boeuf claim to have believed Rebecca was?
(a) Isaac's niece.
(b) Isaac's concubine.
(c) Isaac's sister.
(d) Isaac's servant.

15. Where do the horsemen follow Wamba's directions to?
(a) Rotherwood.
(b) A broken bridge.
(c) The Sunken Cross.
(d) Toquilstone castle.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who attacks Cedric's party in the woods?

2. Where place is King Richard returning from in Chapter 1?

3. Whose visit does Gurth worry about in Chapter 1?

4. Who does Prince John promise Lady Rowena to?

5. What sound interrupts De Bracy's conversation with Rowena?

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