It's Not Summer Without You Short Essay - Answer Key

Jenny Han
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1. Why does Belly agree to go to the party at the beginning of the book?

At the beginning of the book, Belly agrees to go to the party to appease Taylor even though she would much rather just stay at home.

2. What do Belly and Taylor fight about at the party?

While at the party together, Belly and Taylor get in a fight when Belly asks to go home early from the party, and Taylor tells her sh has to start living even though she is sad.

3. How did Belly know Susannah?

Belly and Susannah were very close as Susannah and Belly's mother have been lifetime friends, and they would spend every summer together at a beach house. Belly considered her a second mother.

4. Why does Taylor want Belly to date Cory?

Taylor wants Belly to date Cory because she thinks her friend needs to get over Conrad and move on with her life. She feels that Cory has been sweet and nice to Belly, and that Belly is being mean by not allowing him into her life.

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