Objects & Places from It's Not Summer Without You

Jenny Han
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This is where the beach house is located.

Best Buy

This is where Steven has a summer job.

A Diamond Necklace

This is the item Susannah leaves with instructions that it's for Belly's wedding day.


This is where Conrad is attending school when he learns the beach house is for sale.


This is where Susannah lives when she isn't at the beach house.

The Corsage

This is the item Belly expects from Conrad but that he forgets, which embarrasses her.

Red Framed Glasses

This is the accessory Belly wears to Susannah's funeral because Susannah had said she liked how Belly looked in them.

The Basement of the Fisher House

This is where Conrad is with his girlfriend when Belly brings Conrad a plate of food following Susannah's funeral.

Taylor's House

This is where Belly pretends to be going when she's really going with Jeremiah in...

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