It's Not Summer Without You Fun Activities

Jenny Han
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Art in Multiple Mediums

Create a piece of art in any medium that portrays one of the basic themes of the book. Have different groups do different themes, and then have the class view all the different works.

News Parallels

Instruct the students to bring in an article from the newspaper that has a story that reminds them of something that happens in the book.

It's Not Summer Without _______

This book is about how Belly can't imagine a time in her life without certain items and people. Have the students write about something that they need in order to have a good summer.

Susannah's Will

Have the students write out what they think Susannah would have specified for the beach house in her will if she had known her husband was going to try and sell the beach house after her death.

Dust Jackets

Create a dust jacket...

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