It's Not Summer Without You Character Descriptions

Jenny Han
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This character is about to enter her senior year of high school and is struggling to deal with the changes of her life.

Jeremiah Fisher

This character is a strong young man, though his strength is often covered by the fact that he tries desperately to be what others need him to be.

Conrad Fisher

This character seems self-confident but is mainly self-centered.

Susannah Fisher

This character dies of cancer and her death creates a huge gap in the lives of those who loved her.

Laurel Conklin

This character grieves after her best friend's death and has trouble pulling her life back on track.

Adam Fisher

This character is hard-hearted and doesn't understand the importance of the beach house.


This character is a constant fixture at the beach house and is very protective of the younger females in his life.


This character is pushy and...

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