It's Not Summer Without You Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Jenny Han
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Chapters 1 through 4

• Belly is sitting by a pool and sees Conrad and Jeremiah come back from surfing. Conrad kisses her, and Jeremiah throws him in the pool.

• Cory touches Belly with a cold soda can, and she wakes from her day dream and is upset.

• Taylor talks Belly into going to a party with her that night. Belly makes sure she leaves a sandwich for her mother who has been working long hours lately.
• At the party, Belly tries to avoid Cory but cannot. They talk for a while, but when Belly sees he is about to ask her out, so she says she has to go to the restroom and leaves.

• She and Taylor fight. Taylor wants her to get over Conrad and date Cory. Belly thinks if she gets over Conrad she has to get over missing Susannah.

• Susannah died and was like Belly's second mother...

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