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Short Answer Questions

1. When Kik invites Lance out for a beer, they discover that:

2. After making a comeback in the United States, what is Lance's next step?

3. Even though others are impressed with Lance's performance upon his return to pro cycling as a cancer survivor, how does he feel about his performance?

4. Who is LaTrice?

5. During Lance's chemo treatment, which friend spends as much time with him as possible?

Short Essay Questions

1. After they marry, why do Kik and Lance move to Europe?

2. Describe Lance's first interactions with Kik.

3. When Lance works on getting his foundation going, why is he reluctant to ride competitively again?

4. When Lance trains in Boone, North Carolina, what change in attitude does he develop?

5. Where is Lance two weeks before his baby is due?

6. Who is Miguel Indurain, and what does he say about Lance Armstrong?

7. In between chemotherapy cycles, what does Lance do back in Austin?

8. After Lance starts racing again as a cancer survivor, why does he become discouraged and depressed?

9. Describe Lance's chemotherapy treatment.

10. What does Lance say about children -- in particular, children with cancer?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In what ways are the following individuals there for Lance during his times of need?

1. His chemotherapy nurse LaTrice.

2. His manager Bill Stapleton.

3. His wife Kristin.

Essay Topic 2

Analyze Lance Armstrong in terms of the following roles:

1. Fierce athlete.

2. Loyal friend.

3. Tour de France champion.

4. Proud father.

Essay Topic 3

How is foreshadowing used in this book as a tool to indicate events that are to come? Cite three specific examples of foreshadowing, elaborating upon each.

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