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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lance do on his honeymoon?
(a) Fundraising.
(b) Argues with coaches.
(c) Takes training rides.
(d) Negotiates contracts.

2. What positive change does Lance notice in his post-cancer body?
(a) He can handle steep mountains better.
(b) He can handle the cold better.
(c) He doesn't sweat as much as before.
(d) He doesn't need to eat as much as before.

3. What does Lance realize when he begins training for the Tour de France as a cancer survivor but ends up in several crashes?
(a) He needs to take a break and then come back to training.
(b) He needs a new bike.
(c) He needs to work on his technique and confidence.
(d) He needs help lifting his curse.

4. As part of the reconciliation between Jim Hoyt and the cyclist, Lance does what?
(a) Apologizes.
(b) Takes Jim out to an expensive dinner.
(c) Hands Jim a yellow jersey.
(d) Offers Jim a job.

5. When Alain Bondue talks with Lance, he tries to:
(a) Show support.
(b) Say very little.
(c) Present a realistic outlook.
(d) Ensure Lance is comfortable.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do Kik and Lance end up spending more and more time together?

2. After making a comeback in the United States, what is Lance's next step?

3. During Lance's chemo treatment, which friend spends as much time with him as possible?

4. How does Lance describe his life on chemo?

5. What happens when Lance trains in Boone, North Carolina, at a time when he feels he wants to quit pro cycling?

Short Essay Questions

1. In between chemotherapy cycles, what does Lance do back in Austin?

2. How is Lance received in the United States after winning his first Tour de France?

3. Describe the day of the birth of Lance's first child.

4. Describe how Lance Armstrong and his mentor, Jim Hoyt, reconcile.

5. How is the U.S. Postal Team that Lance races with regarded at the start of the Tour de France?

6. Describe Lance's first interactions with Kik.

7. After they marry, why do Kik and Lance move to Europe?

8. What does Lance learn about his post-cancer body as he trains in the mountains for the Tour de France?

9. When Lance trains in Boone, North Carolina, what change in attitude does he develop?

10. Who is Miguel Indurain, and what does he say about Lance Armstrong?

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