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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Lance help his good friend, Stacy Pounds, who is dying from lung cancer?
(a) Finds the right doctors for her.
(b) Grants her wish to see the Grand Canyon before she dies.
(c) Introduces her to his chemotherapy nurse.
(d) Arranges for her to see her son before she dies.

2. When does Lance's former mentor, Jim Hoyt, return to his life?
(a) During Ride For The Roses.
(b) During Stand Up To Cancer.
(c) Right before Lance goes in for brain surgery.
(d) When Lance starts chemotherapy.

3. What does Lance's manager, Bill Stapleton, say about quitting cycling as a cancer survivor?
(a) He's better off working on his foundation anyway.
(b) There's no shame in it.
(c) Everyone will understand and accept his decision.
(d) He'll be remembered as the guy who got cancer and never rode again.

4. How does Lance's body feel after he completes a chemotherapy cycle?
(a) Completely numb.
(b) Progressively weaker.
(c) Stronger every day.
(d) Irreparable.

5. LaTrice helps Lance by explaining specifics of his treatment, answering his many questions, and:
(a) Sneaking food in for him.
(b) Calling his friends for him.
(c) Writing his press releases.
(d) Being someone he can confide in.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Jeff Garvey?

2. What has the fight against cancer done for Lance?

3. After returning to pro cycling, Lance ends up quitting. What do his friends say about his wish to formally announce his retirement?

4. How do Kik and Lance end up spending more and more time together?

5. When Lance finally decides to race again, what does Cofidis do?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Lance trains in Boone, North Carolina, what change in attitude does he develop?

2. After Cofidis dissolves Lance's contract, who offers Lance a racing contract?

3. After Lance and Kik marry, where does Lance finally make his official racing return?

4. When Lance works on getting his foundation going, why is he reluctant to ride competitively again?

5. What is the Ride for the Roses?

6. How is Lance received in the United States after winning his first Tour de France?

7. Who keeps Lance company throughout his chemotherapy treatments?

8. As Kik and Lance continue to work together on his foundation, what do they discover about one another?

9. What bad news do Lance and his manager, Bill Stapleton, receive from Cofidis?

10. How is the U.S. Postal Team that Lance races with regarded at the start of the Tour de France?

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