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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lance ask for after hearing everything doctors have to say to him about proposed treatments?
(a) Medicine for his increasing pain.
(b) For time with friends and family to make a decision.
(c) A coin to flip.
(d) Three days to reach a decision.

2. What treatment plan does Lance opt for?
(a) Indianapolis plan.
(b) Houston plan.
(c) Dallas plan.
(d) San Diego plan.

3. What do all doctors agree upon with regards to Lance's brain lesions?
(a) They require surgery.
(b) They will impair his balance.
(c) He needs another MRI.
(d) They require radiation.

4. Why does Lance finally consult with a doctor after his symptoms appear?
(a) He goes in for an annual checkup.
(b) He gets medical insurance.
(c) His symptoms and pain have grown severe.
(d) His coach, girlfriend, and best friends urge him to go.

5. In "Before and After," what concern does Lance express regarding his mother?
(a) Whether or not she will recuperate from her illness.
(b) How he will tell her he has cancer.
(c) Whether or not she will support him emotionally.
(d) How he can make her proud of him.

Short Answer Questions

1. How old is Lance when he discovers he has cancer?

2. Despite his performance at the Tour de France at the age of twenty-one, what is Lance unable to do?

3. When Lance arrives at the hospital in preparation for surgery to remove a cancerous growth, what is he hoping for?

4. Who is Kik?

5. What does Dr. Wolf recommend that Lance do?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the outcome of Lance's brain surgery?

2. Why are Lance and his mother concerned about the aggressive treatment plan that Houston doctors propose?

3. Who is Jim Hoyt, and what is his relationship to Lance?

4. What reckless behavior almost prevents Lance from racing in a triathlon he's been training for? What is the final outcome?

5. Who is Moreno Argentin, and how does he regard Lance Armstrong?

6. What does Lance's mother do when she learns her son has cancer?

7. What sports does Lance excel in as a child and teenager?

8. At what point in his life does Lance begin to feel real fear?

9. Why does Lance want to quit racing at times?

10. Describe how Lance's once in a lifetime experience with the 1990 Junior World Championship in Moscow almost prevents him from graduating high school on time.

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