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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After returning to pro cycling, Lance ends up quitting. What do his friends say about his wish to formally announce his retirement?
(a) He should take time to think about it.
(b) They're ashamed of him.
(c) He should do whatever makes him happy.
(d) It's a great idea.

2. Who is LaTrice?
(a) Lance's aunt.
(b) Lance's publicity representative.
(c) Lance's chemotherapy nurse.
(d) Lance's personal assistant.

3. What happens when Lance trains in Boone, North Carolina, at a time when he feels he wants to quit pro cycling?
(a) He decides cycling is more fun than fundraising.
(b) He runs into an old friend who convinces him to keep going.
(c) He finally accepts his new, post-cancer physique.
(d) He rekindles his love for cycling.

4. When Kik invites Lance out for a beer, they discover that:
(a) They enjoy each other's company.
(b) Neither one actually likes beer.
(c) They have the same taste in music.
(d) They were born in the same hospital.

5. What has the fight against cancer done for Lance?
(a) Made him who he is today.
(b) Toughened him up.
(c) Given him a heart.
(d) Made him famous.

6. Why is Lance flown back to the United States following his first Tour de France victory?
(a) To meet with top dignitaries.
(b) To reconcile with his father.
(c) So he can do some American press.
(d) For much needed rest.

7. What line of work is Kik in?
(a) Health administration.
(b) Accounting.
(c) Public relations.
(d) Information technology.

8. Lance confesses that chemotherapy can make a person feel:
(a) Worthless.
(b) Paranoid.
(c) Lonely.
(d) Incompetent.

9. What is Lance doing two years after his cancer diagnosis?
(a) Trying to get into the Tour de France.
(b) Racing well in Europe.
(c) Doing commercials in Japan.
(d) Contemplating what to do with his life.

10. When Lance makes his official racing comeback in the United States, his teammate wins the race and Lance places:
(a) Fourth.
(b) Third.
(c) Fifth.
(d) Second.

11. When Lance wants to officially retire, what concerns his friends and family the most?
(a) His lack of commitment for anything.
(b) His ongoing fear of cancer.
(c) How angry he seems to be all the time.
(d) How hard he is on himself.

12. During chemo, the focus of Lance's healing revolves around what?
(a) The obstacles he's already overcome.
(b) Chemo sessions he must endure.
(c) The freedom he'll one day enjoy again.
(d) Bike race he plans to compete in.

13. Even though Lance goes away on a speaking engagement, he constantly:
(a) Relives his Tour victory.
(b) Calls his mom for advice.
(c) Checks in with Kik.
(d) Takes breaks to ride his bike.

14. How does Lance's body feel after he completes a chemotherapy cycle?
(a) Stronger every day.
(b) Completely numb.
(c) Irreparable.
(d) Progressively weaker.

15. When Lance and his wife move to France, where do they live?
(a) Lyon.
(b) Nice.
(c) Limoges.
(d) Amboise.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Kik plans to go to Europe to visit a friend, what does Lance do?

2. When Lance finally asks one of his doctors how bad his odds had been with cancer, he learns that doctors had given him what survival chance?

3. Why does Alain Bondue want to talk with Bill Stapleton, Lance's manager?

4. When Lance returns to racing as a cancer survivor, what does he struggle with?

5. Once Lance is done with chemotherapy, what does he start working on?

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