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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does one of Lance's competitors intentionally finish a race in fourth place even though he is easily in second place?
(a) He loses his confidence when Lance passes him by.
(b) He wants his friends to take second and third places.
(c) He doesn't want to stand next to Lance on the winner's podium.
(d) He wants to make sure Lance finishes in second place.

2. What do Houston doctors feel about Lance riding again?
(a) They doubt he will.
(b) They feel he shouldn't be thinking about this now.
(c) They think he will.
(d) They don't care one way or another.

3. How does Lance respond to pressure from the Houston doctor?
(a) He says he needs to think about it over lunch.
(b) He asks his mom to talk with this doctor.
(c) He leaves without saying a word.
(d) He tells the doctor to back off.

4. What is Lance's primary concern when he first learns he has cancer?
(a) His life.
(b) His debt.
(c) His career.
(d) His image.

5. What does Lance accomplish at the age of twenty-one at the Tour de France?
(a) Wins his first stage.
(b) Is the youngest racer ever.
(c) Becomes the first American to enter the race.
(d) Breaks five speed records.

6. When Lance races with the U.S. National Team in 1991, he is not sure whether to win or let a competitor win. He calls his mother for advice and she says:
(a) He should ask his coach.
(b) She doesn't know how to counsel him.
(c) He should win if he can.
(d) He should be a gracious competitor and let the other team win.

7. Instead of giving Houston doctors a definitive answer, Lance and his mother do what?
(a) Head to Dallas to be with relatives.
(b) Fly to San Diego to speak with specialists there.
(c) Fly to Indiana to speak with specialists there.
(d) Head back to Austin to clear their minds.

8. Why is Lance sent to see a urologist, Dr. Jim Reeves?
(a) He may have a broken pelvis.
(b) His symptoms are confusing.
(c) He has a urinary tract infection.
(d) He has an inflamed testicle.

9. Why does Lance "talk" to cancer?
(a) He's going crazy.
(b) To defeat it.
(c) The medicines are making him delirious.
(d) His psychiatrist recommends he do this.

10. What treatment plan does Lance opt for?
(a) Houston plan.
(b) San Diego plan.
(c) Indianapolis plan.
(d) Dallas plan.

11. What advice from coaches does Lance fail to listen to early in his career?
(a) To wear sunscreen.
(b) To pace himself.
(c) To not eat before a race.
(d) To ignore the crowds.

12. What does Lance ask for after hearing everything doctors have to say to him about proposed treatments?
(a) Three days to reach a decision.
(b) A coin to flip.
(c) Medicine for his increasing pain.
(d) For time with friends and family to make a decision.

13. When the realization that he has cancer sinks in, what does Lance fear?
(a) His sponsors leaving him.
(b) Leaving behind his mom and his friends.
(c) Dying as a virtual unknown.
(d) The disease and death.

14. Why does Lance call Dr. Steven Wolf after talking with a Houston doctor about a proposed treatment plan?
(a) To vent.
(b) To cry.
(c) To verify the Houston doctor's credentials.
(d) To get his opinion.

15. When Lance arrives at the hospital in preparation for surgery to remove a cancerous growth, what is he hoping for?
(a) That the specialists know what they're doing.
(b) That his mother gets there on time.
(c) That the diagnosis was wrong.
(d) That he wakes up from this bad dream.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Lance ignore his body's symptoms?

2. How serious is Lance's cancer?

3. In "Before and After," what concern does Lance express regarding his mother?

4. How old is Lance when he discovers he has cancer?

5. Who is Fabio Casartelli and what is his association with Lance?

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