It's Not About the Bike Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Who is Lance Armstrong, and for what is he best known?

Lance Armstrong is a champion cyclist known best for winning the grueling Tour de France multiple times. He is also known as a cancer survivor who reached great heights in his athletic career after beating the disease.

2. Why does Lance ignore signs that something is terribly wrong with his body?

As a driven, dedicated athlete and fierce competitor, Lance is used to pushing the limits. He regularly blocks out pain in order to win races. When his body presents signs that something is very wrong, he ignores them until the pain and discomfort become debilitating.

3. In addition to covering his journey as a cancer survivor, what other main aspects of Lance Armstrong's life does the book discuss?

This book focuses on Lance Armstrong's journey as a cancer survivor, but it also discusses the challenges he faced as a child and a teenager, his evolution as an athlete, the loyal individuals who have stood by him throughout his life, his relationship with his mother, wife, children, friends, and other key individuals, and his triumph at the Tour de France.

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