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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Kik.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At one point, Lance is a member of two different racing teams. One is the U.S. National Team under the leadership of:
(a) Chris Kristofferson.
(b) James Anderson.
(c) James Hoyt.
(d) Chris Carmichael.

2. Why is Lance reluctant to ride and train competitively again?
(a) He'd rather devote himself to helping children.
(b) He worries that training will bring the cancer back.
(c) He feels he is too far out of shape.
(d) He's having too much fun with the foundation.

3. The treatment plan proposed by Houston doctors is considered what?
(a) Experimental.
(b) Aggressive.
(c) Lenient.
(d) Foolproof.

4. How does Lance help his good friend, Stacy Pounds, who is dying from lung cancer?
(a) Arranges for her to see her son before she dies.
(b) Introduces her to his chemotherapy nurse.
(c) Grants her wish to see the Grand Canyon before she dies.
(d) Finds the right doctors for her.

5. Lance's brain surgery:
(a) Is not covered by insurance.
(b) Is a success.
(c) Takes five times as long as expected.
(d) Reveals additional lesions.

Short Answer Questions

1. The triathlons that Lance does extremely well in combines which three sports?

2. Despite his performance at the Tour de France at the age of twenty-one, what is Lance unable to do?

3. Lance stops speaking with Jim Hoyt after the man takes away his:

4. What does Lance accomplish at the age of twenty-one at the Tour de France?

5. At the World Championships, Lance's mother sits and watches:

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