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Essay Topic 1

Describe the hardships Lance experienced as a child.

1. How did these challenges shape his personality?

2. How did they help forge his strength?

Essay Topic 2

Describe the relationship Lance has with his mother during his childhood, teen years, and adult years.

1. What lessons does she help teach him?

2. In what ways does she support him?

3. In what ways is she a "hero" in this story?

4. Would Lance have made it as far in life without the support of his mother? Validate your answer with examples.

Essay Topic 3

Analyze Lance's evolution as an athlete.

1. How do "failures" lead him to cycling?

2. How do his successes in certain sports lead him eventually to bicycle racing?

3. What does Lance learn about himself from both his failures and successes as an athlete early in life?

Essay Topic 4

Explain why Lance states in his book that, given a choice between being a...

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