It's Not About the Bike Character Descriptions

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Lance Armstrong

This person is born is Texas and starts an athletic career running, then swimming and then cycling.

Kristin (Kik) Richard Armstrong

This person is a public relations representative in Austin, Texas and represents a high profile client who is helping sponsor the Ride for the Roses charity bike ride.

Linda Mooneyham

This person becomes a parent at seventeen and works two jobs to make ends meet.

Bill Stapleton

This person is an agent who supports the protagonist through cancer treatments and winning of the Tour de France.

Dr. Jim Reeves

This person is a well-known urologist in Austin who starts the tests and treatment when the protagonist's symptoms turn out to be cancer.

Dr. Rick Parker

This person is a neighbor and personal physician of the protagonist.

Jim Hoyt

This person is the owner of a bike shop in Richardson, Texas and becomes a good friend...

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