It's Kind of a Funny Story Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Ned Vizzini
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Essay Topic 1

Each member of Craig's family processes his mental illness in varied ways. Behaviors and words from each member impact Craig's understanding of his illness and identity. How does each member feel about Craig's illness according to his/her specific role as portrayed in the novel?

Essay Topic 2

Craig and his friend, Aaron, have a tumultuous relationship due to certain circumstances and understandings. Craig's depression begins as an unspoken barrier between the two, but by the end of the story, both find a way to connect again on a deeper foundation. How does Aaron make an impression on Craig's depression?

Essay Topic 3

When Craig calls the two hotlines for suicide help, he receives advice on how to handle his thoughts and what next steps to take. He attempts some of the processes they offer and questions others. In what ways does Craig respond appropriately to the advice...

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