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Robert A. Hall, Jr.
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Professor Farsatti feel about Mount San Dona?
(a) He dislikes it.
(b) He has never been there.
(c) He enjoys it.
(d) He has no opinion about it.

2. Why does Belfagor want to possess the daughter of a wealthy man?
(a) So Gianmatteo can control her.
(b) So he can get some of his money back.
(c) Because he is bored.
(d) So he can get revenge.

3. Why does the visit from Dalla Carretta disappoint Bianca?
(a) She wanted to be alone.
(b) She thought it was Torranza.
(c) She was trying to sleep.
(d) She wanted to go out to town.

4. What causes Ranocchio to start coughing up blood?
(a) Malpelo shakes him.
(b) He swallows something sharp.
(c) Malpelo hits him on the back.
(d) He falls in the mines.

5. Why is Malpelo's mother ashamed of him?
(a) Because he insults her.
(b) Because people gossip about him.
(c) Because he works a poor job.
(d) Because he beats people.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Malpelo treat Ranocchio when he starts working at the mine?

2. Why does Madonna Zilia travel to France to see Monsignor Filiberto?

3. What does Malpelo tell Ranocchio when he takes him to the place where his father died?

4. What do people think caused Malpelo to have red hair?

5. How many stories are in "The Decameron"?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Spoleto help Monsignor Filiberto?

2. How does the king of France treat Monsignor Filiberto?

3. How does Bianca react when she learns of Torranza's death?

4. How does Malpelo treat the other miners?

5. How does Madonna Zilia try to release Monsignor Filiberto from his oath?

6. What do the rulers of Hell learn about the holy man's vision in "Story of the Devil Who Took a Wife"?

7. How do Bruno and Buffalmaco convince Calandrino that he is invisible?

8. Why does the king seek out Gianmatteo?

9. How does Bianca's relationship with Torranza develop?

10. How do the rulers of Hell decide to test the holy man's vision in 'Story of the Devil Who Took a Wife"?

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