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Robert A. Hall, Jr.
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "The Idolaters," how do people know that Pallura has arrived?
(a) The town crier announces it.
(b) They hear the bells on his wagon.
(c) They can see him driving his wagon in the distance.
(d) They hear him singing.

2. Who offers to repair the tear in Professor Gori's frock-coat?
(a) The clerk.
(b) His daughter.
(c) His neighbor.
(d) His housemaid.

3. How does Mr. Migri propose to Cesara Reis?
(a) In front of a crowd.
(b) He asks her father.
(c) With the help of Professor Gori.
(d) With a written note.

4. What do the townspeople do when they go to Mascalico in "The Idolaters"?
(a) They smack people.
(b) They slaughter people.
(c) They destroy their church.
(d) They rob people.

5. How does the engineer of Pietrarsa respond to the narrator's bet?
(a) He is worried he is right.
(b) He refuses to take the bet.
(c) He changes the time frame to two years.
(d) He thinks he is a fool.

6. How does Nunzia describe the Marquis?
(a) A wicked fool.
(b) An absurd poet.
(c) An immoral slob.
(d) A rich idiot.

7. What does Professor Gori do after he tells the wedding party the wedding will go as planned?
(a) He runs away.
(b) He rips off his sleeve.
(c) He yells at them.
(d) He jumps up and down.

8. In "The Fountain of Pietrarsa," where is the fountain going to be built?
(a) On the east side of town.
(b) Outside the mayor's house.
(c) In the town center.
(d) By the rich people.

9. According to Nunzia, how did the Marquis lose his money?
(a) His wife spent it all.
(b) His parents took it back.
(c) He did it himself.
(d) He was robbed.

10. How does the narrator of "The Fountain of Pietrarsa" treat the engineer of Pietrarsa?
(a) He ignores him.
(b) He teases him.
(c) He praises him.
(d) He insults him.

11. Why do the townspeople of Radusa consult Giacobbe about the red lights?
(a) The mayor suggests him for the job.
(b) They think he used to be a holy man.
(c) They know he is a scientist.
(d) He offers his help for free.

12. How is Bistino related to the Marquis?
(a) The Marquis owes him money.
(b) They used to work together.
(c) They are cousins.
(d) He used to work for him.

13. What does the narrator of "The Fountain of Pietrarsa" bet the engineer?
(a) That in a year the fountain won't be designed.
(b) That in a year the fountain won't be installed.
(c) That in a year the engineer will lose his job.
(d) That in a year the fountain will be ripped out.

14. When does the stocky man in "Broken Toys" say he moved?
(a) After he was married.
(b) When he was young.
(c) He has never moved.
(d) Just the past year.

15. Why doesn't Professor Gori get his frock-coat repaired when it tears?
(a) He doesn't want to spend the money.
(b) He has to go to a wedding.
(c) He doesn't notice it at first.
(d) He throws it away instead.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the mayor of Pietrarsa finally agree to move the fountain?

2. How does Giacobbe want the people of Mascalico to feel after his visit to their church?

3. How do the people of Radusa respond to the red lights in the sky in "The Idolaters"?

4. Why does Pallura bring candle wax with him in "The Idolaters"?

5. In "Broken Toys," how does the stocky man feel about the woman with the questions about toys?

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