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Robert A. Hall, Jr.
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From what does Pietrarsa suffer while waiting for the fountain to be built?
(a) Hunger.
(b) Frost.
(c) Disease.
(d) Drought.

2. What happens every time a plan is made for the fountain in "The Fountain of Pietrarsa"?
(a) There is no one to do the work.
(b) The engineer says it is impossible.
(c) A group of people challenge it.
(d) The mayor turns it down.

3. What is the woman with the toys looking for on the train in "Broken Toys"?
(a) Her seat partner.
(b) Her husband.
(c) Her son.
(d) Something to eat.

4. When does the stocky man in "Broken Toys" say he moved?
(a) After he was married.
(b) He has never moved.
(c) Just the past year.
(d) When he was young.

5. Where does the narrator of "The Fountain of Pietrarsa" run into an engineer of Pietrarsa?
(a) Near Pietrarsa.
(b) In Florence.
(c) Pietrarsa's town center.
(d) Outside of Paris.

6. How does the woman with the toys feel about the stocky man opening the door in "Broken Toys"?
(a) Entertained.
(b) Confused.
(c) Worried.
(d) Frightened.

7. How does Nunzia describe the Countess?
(a) As a boring woman.
(b) As a nagging woman.
(c) As a hateful woman.
(d) As a wonderful woman.

8. When the narrator of "The Fountain of Pietrarsa" meets the engineer, what work has been done to the fountain?
(a) It hasn't been started yet.
(b) It has been installed.
(c) It has only been planned.
(d) It is in the process of being designed.

9. When does the stock man open the train door in "Broken Toys"?
(a) When they cross a bridge.
(b) When they go in a tunnel.
(c) When they depart.
(d) When they come to a stop.

10. What do the people gathered around the mayor of Pietrarsa's house do?
(a) Cheer him on.
(b) Charge his house.
(c) Threaten him.
(d) Try to get a signature.

11. What role does Professor Gori play in Cesara Reis's marriage?
(a) He plans the wedding.
(b) He introduces her to the groom.
(c) He performs the wedding.
(d) He pays for the wedding.

12. Why does the mayor of Pietrarsa finally agree to move the fountain?
(a) The engineer talks the mayor into it.
(b) He gets paid to have the fountain moved.
(c) He knows the people won't change their minds.
(d) He lets them vote on it.

13. How does Giacobbe want the people of Mascalico to feel after his visit to their church?
(a) Humiliated.
(b) Happy.
(c) Humbled.
(d) Horrified.

14. How does the mayor of Pietrarsa first react to the people who resist the fountain?
(a) He ignores them.
(b) He has them arrested.
(c) He tries to convince them he is right.
(d) He immediately gives in to them.

15. What meetings are held in "The Fountain of Pietrarsa" to try to resolve the problems with the fountain?
(a) Official mayor meetings.
(b) Court meetings.
(c) Council meetings.
(d) Town hall meetings.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Giacobbe get inside the church in Mascalico?

2. In "The Idolaters," what are the red lights in the sky?

3. How does Nunzia try to raise her social status?

4. How do the other townspeople react the Giacobbe's theory of what happened to Pallura's candles?

5. What does Giacobbe suggest happened to Pallura's candles?

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