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Robert A. Hall, Jr.
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Aldo Palazzeschi's Bistino and the Marquis.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the narrator of "The Fountain of Pietrarsa" meets the engineer, what work has been done to the fountain?
(a) It hasn't been started yet.
(b) It has only been planned.
(c) It has been installed.
(d) It is in the process of being designed.

2. How does the engineer of Pietrarsa respond to the narrator's bet?
(a) He refuses to take the bet.
(b) He changes the time frame to two years.
(c) He thinks he is a fool.
(d) He is worried he is right.

3. What does the narrator of "The Fountain of Pietrarsa" feel is wasted in the town?
(a) Brain power.
(b) Natural resources.
(c) Human emotions.
(d) Common sense.

4. According to Nunzia, how did the Marquis lose his money?
(a) He was robbed.
(b) He did it himself.
(c) His parents took it back.
(d) His wife spent it all.

5. What does the king of France change the award to in "Madonna Zilia"?
(a) 20,000 francs.
(b) 15,000 francs.
(c) 5,000 francs.
(d) 10,000 francs.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Monsignor Filiberto feel about Madonna Zilia's requested oath of silence?

2. During their visit, what does Monsignor Filiberto ask of Madonna Zilia?

3. What is Monsignor Filiberto's reaction to Madonna Zilia's lack of interest in him?

4. What does Monsignor Filiberto do for a living?

5. In "The Fountain of Pietrarsa," what happens while the fountain's construction is halted?

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