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Robert A. Hall, Jr.
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Bistinoappears in Bistino and the Marquis

This character is a servant and even though he is retired he still prefers to be treated like a servant.

Malpeloappears in Rosso Malpelo

This character works in a mine and is known for his poor treatment of the other workers.

Calandrinoappears in Decameron - Eighth Day, Third Story

This character is a painter who has a reputation for being gullible. He is tricked into looking for magical stones.

Belfagorappears in Belfagor; Story of the Devil Who Took a Wife

This character promises a peasant the powers of exorcism and great wealth.

Monsignor Filibertoappears in Madonna Zilia

This character vows to remain silent for three years in exchange for a kiss.

Madonna Ziliaappears in Madonna Zilia

This character does not want to remarry so that she can devote her entire life to raising her child.

Ranocchioappears in Rosso Malpelo

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