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Boccacio's Decameron - Eighth Day, Third Story

• Calandrino is a man who is easily tricked.

• Bruno and Buffalmaco trick Calandrino, with the help of Maso, into believing magic rocks will make him invisible.

• Calandrino goes looking for rocks with Bruno and Buffalmaco, who convince him he is invisible.

• Calandrino goes home and his wife is mad at him for being late.

• Calandrino thinks his wife took his magic and he beats her.

• Bruno and Buffalmaco stop Calandrino from further beating his wife.

Niccolo Machiavelli's Belfagor: Story of the Devil Who Took a Wife

• The rulers of Hell learn that a holy man had a vision that said most of the people in Hell were there because of their wives.

• The rulers of Hell decide to send a devil to earth to test the holy man's vision.

• Belfagor goes to earth and attracts a wife with money.

• Belfagor's wife...

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