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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Ben Hanscom running from Henry Bowers the day that school lets out for the summer?
(a) Ben is a bully and has been teasing Henry.
(b) He knows that Henry is mad because Ben wouldn't let him cheat.
(c) He is afraid that Henry will tease him for making good grades.
(d) He made Henry mad because he took part of his lunch.

2. Why does Georgie Denbrough go see his brother in bed?
(a) Because he feels bad that he is sick.
(b) So Bill will help him make the boat.
(c) Because he sees a clown.
(d) So Bill will wake up and play with him.

3. Where does Bill Denbrough find Silver?
(a) In his parents' garage.
(b) In a child's backyard.
(c) At a pawn store.
(d) At the dump.

4. What does Patricia Uris find when she checks on Stanley in the bathroom?
(a) He is just fine.
(b) He has passed out in the shower.
(c) He has snuck out the window.
(d) He has killed himself by slitting his wrists.

5. What does the creature in the canal do to Adrian?
(a) Rips off his arm.
(b) Takes a bite out of him.
(c) Holds him under water.
(d) Pulls his hair.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Henry Bowers attacks Ben Hanscom, what does he do?

2. Where does Ben Hanscom run when trying to escape Henry Bowers?

3. Who cannot see the blood in the drain?

4. Where does Bill Denbrough send the other boys to gather materials for the dam?

5. What story does Bill Denbrough tell the boys after they have completed the dam?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Adrian confronted for his "I love Derry" hat?

2. Why was the Black Spot created?

3. Describe Eddie Kaspbrask's reaction to the phone call he receives from Mike Hanlon?

4. What does Tom do to Kay to try to persuade her to tell him where Beverly went? What is her breaking point?

5. What does Georgie build and where does he get the idea?

6. Why does Georgie go inside to talk to Bill and why isn't Bill outside playing with Georgie in the flood waters?

7. Describe what happens when Bill looks through Georgie's photo album.

8. Describe Ben's dream that he has when he is hiding in the cave waiting for Henry to go away?

9. How does the death rate of Derry compare to that of other cities?

10. Describe what the young men and Adrian's lover see at the canal side and what the police office thinks they saw.

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