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Essay Topic 1

The author uses various techniques to present background information in the novel. What are the different techniques that are used to present background information? Which technique seems to be most effective and least intrusive? Why?

Essay Topic 2

There are two points of view in the novel: an omniscient narrator and a third-person limited narrator. How do the two points of view advance the plot? How does switching between the two viewpoints affect the storyline? How does the use of two viewpoints provide more information for readers than one viewpoint could?

Essay Topic 3

Windrip issues 15 principles to present his goals for the country. What are the 15 principles that he presents? What do these principles reveal about Windrip’s views on race, finance, and power of the government? How do the principles reveal the difference between what Windrip says and what he believes?

Essay Topic 4

Doremus is married...

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