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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does one of the yachtsmen say about the painting in Bobby's bar?
(a) He wants to buy it.
(b) He has seen it somewhere else.
(c) It is a bad omen.
(d) It is terrible.

2. What is Thomas doing when Audrey comes to his house?
(a) Sleeping.
(b) Reading.
(c) Swimming.
(d) Painting.

3. What does Henry give Thomas while Ara is searching the island?
(a) A map.
(b) A sleeping pill.
(c) A radio.
(d) A mixed drink.

4. What does Bobby expect from the arriving people as he and Thomas are discussing the painting?
(a) Some bragging stories.
(b) Questions about the fights.
(c) Good business.
(d) Rude behavior.

5. What arrives while Thomas and Bobby discuss the painting he made for Bobby?
(a) The police.
(b) A houseboat.
(c) Thomas' boys.
(d) A boat full of soldiers.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Thomas' crew gather for food on the island of the massacre?

2. What do Thomas and his crew wash up in before continuing the chase after the German soldier dies?

3. What does Thomas do to stop his hunger in Cuba?

4. What causes the fights the night after the fish gets away?

5. What is the German soldier on the island dying from when Ara finds him?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Thomas and Willie have a small dispute after the crew catches a fish?

2. What does Thomas do when he runs into his first wife in Cuba?

3. What are Eddy and Joseph doing all night after the swordfish gets away?

4. What do Henry and Antonio do to help Thomas sleep, and how does Thomas receive this kindness?

5. What does Thomas plan to do after he hears about Andrew and David's deaths?

6. What does Audrey come to Thomas' house to do, and where does she first hear about Thomas?

7. Where does Roger plan to go after the boys leave the island, and what does he plan to do there?

8. What is the prank Thomas wants to pull on the yachtsmen at Bobby's bar?

9. What information does Thomas get from a lieutenant on an island while tracking the Germans?

10. What does Bobby do when Roger gets sad thinking about one of his past girlfriends?

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