Islands in the Stream Character Descriptions

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Thomas Hudson

This character has three sons, all of whom die before him. He works for the military finding German submarines.

Roger Davis

This character writes trashy formula fiction works, and he strongly desires to write something of literary worth. A former boxer, he also likes to fight.

The Boys (Tom, David, Andrew)

These characters all die early deaths; two in a car accident, and one during the war.

Ginny Watson

This character is a famous movie actress and is remarkably beautiful and perfect in every way, according to her ex-husband.

Bimini Islanders

These characters live simple lives within their paradise, yet complexities roil within and come out with the application of rum and a little encouragement.


This character is a former Marine who is searching for Germans in the Keys. He takes on a mosquito-infested island by himself.

Honest Lil

This character is an aging prostitute...

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