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Christopher Moore
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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many guards does the Sorcerer send to search the Shark People's village looking for Kimi?

2. On the flight to Japan, where is Tuck trying to fly over so fighter jets will force the Learjet to land?

3. What does Beth tell Jefferson that she should list as his cause of death?

4. How long does the Sorcerer give Sarapul to bring Kimi to the gate?

5. As Tuck is sitting inside the jet waiting to start the engines, who joins Tuck in the cockpit?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Sebastian questions Malink about who killed Yamata, why does Sebastian not believe Malink's answer?

2. When the ghost introduces himself to Tuck, what does Tuck tell the ghost that he didn't have to be?

3. As Beth tells the guards to shoot at the 747 and the escaping Shark People, the guards run into the compound instead. Why?

4. When Roberto visits Kimi after Kimi has been shot, what does Roberto tell Kimi?

5. At what point in his life had Tuck learned to be deadly accurate with a spitball?

6. When the ghost appears in Tuck's bungalow, what does the ghost throw at Tuck?

7. What does the author liken Tuck's boredom to a week passes without Tuck having contact with anyone?

8. In the boat, why does Tuck steer into the setting sun?

9. When Tuck radios the control tower for clearance to takeoff from the Honolulu airport, what does Tuck say to the control tower's radio operator?

10. After Sebastian leaves the dead body of Yamata, Sarapul appears. What does Sarapul ask Malink if Sarapul can have?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The entire story takes place primarily in three different locations. Compare the following locations in the story: Alualu, Truk, and the United States. Discuss how the characters are treated in each of these locations as well as how they live and interact with each other. Of these three locations in the story, which location would you most prefer to live and why?

Essay Topic 2

Throughout the story, there are several situations where Tuck is threatened.

a. Identify at least three instances where Tuck's life is in danger. Describe the situation and how Tuck survives.

b. Compare the dangerous situations in which others are attempting to harm or kill Tuck. What is the motivation in each of these situations harm Tuck?

Essay Topic 3

Compare Kimi and Sarapul.

a. How are the two characters similar in terms of their personal lives? How are they different?

b. How are the two characters similar in their personality characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses? How are they different?

c. Looking ahead, how might their interactions with Tucker Case impact each of these men as they move forward with their lives? Will they be similarly affected or not?

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