Daily Lessons for Teaching Island of the Sequined Love Nun

Christopher Moore
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Lesson 1 (from Part One, The Phoenix, Chapters 1-5, The Cannibal Tree, I Thought This Was a Nonsmoking Flight, And You Lost Your Frequent Flyer Miles, Pinnacle of the Pink Pyramid, Our Lady of the Fishnes Stockings)


The early pages of "Island of the Sequined Love Nun" introduce the reader to the story's main character, Tucker Case as well as several other characters who will play vital roles as the story progresses. The object of this Lesson is to examine how the author uses various methods to develop his main characters so they are "real" to his readers.


1. Group Discussion: Discuss methods used in character development. Are all of these methods equally as good in all situations? What plot lines dictate how effective character development methods are? Based on your group's discussion, critique the author's use of character development techniques in our story. What could Moore have done better? What does Moore do well? Do you appreciate the techniques he used?

2. Writing Assignment: Describe how the story might have been affected had the author not developed Tucker Case's background, attitudes, and circumstances...

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