Island of the Sequined Love Nun Character Descriptions

Christopher Moore
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Tucker Case

This character is a pilot who crashes a pink jet.

Elizabeth Curtis

This character is trained as a surgical nurse.

Vincent Bennidetti

This character is a ghost.

Jake Skye

This character arranges for the protagonist to work on the island.

Sebastian Curtis

This character harvests the Shark People's kidneys.

Jefferson Pardee

This character is the editor of the newspaper on Truk.

Mary Jean Dobbins

While having a deep belief in God, this character also believes that a person can become a better person simply by a strong will.

Dusty Lemon

This character is hired to watch over the protagonist after the plane crash.


This character is a cannibal.


This character is a cross-dresser.


This character is the mistral of the island.

This character is the chief of the Shark People.


This character is a bat who periodically speaks to the protagonist...

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