Island of the Sequined Love Nun Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Christopher Moore
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Part One, The Phoenix, Chapters 1-5, The Cannibal Tree, I Thought This Was a Nonsmoking Flight, And You Lost Your Frequent Flyer Miles, Pinnacle of the Pink Pyramid, Our Lady of the Fishnes Stockings

• When Tucker wakes up, he is hanging from a tree and a native is watching him.

• The native watching Tucker pinches his cheek before walking away.

• Kimi is also hanging from a nearby tree.

• Tucker remembers meeting Meadow at the Holiday Inn and her leading him to the jet.
• As Tuck tries to land the jet, he realizes he is going to crash because he is drunk, and the Meadow is straddling him.

• Just before he crashes, a ghost appears in the co-pilot seat and asks Tuck if this is how he wants to die. When Tuck says no, the ghost tells Tuck it will cost him and disappears.

• Trying to pick up Meadow...

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