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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Karana see in the early morning light at the Aleut camp?
(a) Fire on the kelp beds
(b) A girl cooking on the beach
(c) A war party assembling on the beach
(d) Her canoe afloat in the cove

2. What does Karana do to pass the time in the cave while she and Rontu are hiding from the Aleuts?
(a) She makes a skirt from cormorant feathers.
(b) She makes extra weapons.
(c) She sleeps and cries.
(d) She plays with Rontu.

3. What does the big gray dog do when Karana finds him at the rocks after 2 days?
(a) Lays motionless
(b) Howls in pain
(c) Tries to run off to the brush
(d) Charges at Karana

4. Why can't Karana go out of home during the winter?
(a) It is a winter of strong winds, rain, and wild seas.
(b) She is too depressed to go out after Rontu's death.
(c) She is afraid to venture outside without Rontu.
(d) The wild dogs keep trying to attack her when she leaves the house.

5. Why does Karana change Mon-a-nee's name?
(a) She decides to give the otter a more masculine name.
(b) She gets tired of the old name.
(c) She discovers that the sea otter is really a girl and names her Won-a-nee.
(d) She thinks of a name that she likes better.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Rontu rushing forward to attack?

2. What does Karana do for four nights prior to sleeping?

3. How does Karana care for the young otter she finds caught in the kelp?

4. How does Karana plan to use the rock ledge in the newly-discovered cave?

5. Spring time on The Island of the Blue Dolphins brought lots of these?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Karana discover in Black Cave on the southern coast of the island that frightens her?

2. In case the Aleuts returned to the island, Karana repairs the canoe for a fast escape. What alterations does she make to the canoe to make it more manageable for her size?

3. What is the great discovery that Karana and Rontu make as they travel around the island in the canoe?

4. Other than training the birds, how does Karana pass the time throughout the spring?

5. What does Karana do after the Aleut girl finds her and Rontu at the cave?

6. What does Karana do after she tracks the injured pack leader, finding him immobile on the ground?

7. Explain why Karana considers her yard a happy place?

8. How do the gulls open the scallops shells to eat the meat inside?

9. What happens to Karena on the very hot day after the winter storms when she takes the canoe to paddle around the reef?

10. After two summers alone on the island, Karana sees the Aleut ship heading toward the island. How does she prepare for her move to the hidden cave she had set up in case the Aleuts returned?

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